3Shine Flamenco



What is 3Shine?

3Shine is a non-profit organization dedicated to further the study and understanding, appreciation and growth of Flamenco music and culture. 

Mitsue Johnson, the founder of 3Shine Flamenco, started studying Flamenco in Japan in the 1990’s. A little over ten years later, Mitsue found herself living in Portland, Oregon with her husband and two children. In 2003, Mitsue returned to her study of Flamenco under Laurena Marrone, the founder of Solo Flamenco. In 2008, ownership and direction of Solo Flamenco was transitioned to Mitsue. Mitsue kept the studio’s name and continued to teach students and lead performances under the mantel of Solo Flamenco Arts Academy. While Mitsue found teaching to be rewarding, she realized that she would like to share the beauty, passion and purity of the human experience through Flamenco with people in her community and beyond; especially with those who had never experienced Flamenco before. It is this thought that drove Mitsue start a new organization - 3Shine Flamenco.

For Mitsue who was raised in Japan and now living America, Flamenco is now part of her identity. Flamenco was born in Spain. Mitsue wants these three countries (Japan, America, and Spain) to shine, leveraging the culture, instruments, and music from these three countries to fuse them together share the essence and purity of  Flamenco - the 3Shine way!